HL HAMBURGER LEISTUNGSFUTTER Company, the manufacturer of IBEKA –PANTO products was founded in 1878 in Germany and it is located in Hamburg harbour itself. That location provides the opportunity for unloading raw material from ships directly into the factory silos. It is important to mention that all the raw materials used to produce final products originate from renowned manufacturers, as well as that all the components undergo thermal processing, which is of great importance for the safety of products. The quality and technological validity of products are supported by numerous certificates, to name but a few: ISO 9001 which refers to the quality of products and HACCP which refers to the control of critical points in the process of production. Over 125 years of tradition and experience in animal nutrition have contributed to achieving superior results, which places the company amongst the top producers of animal feed.

Total production is mainly focused on the German market – approximately 80%, whereas the remaining 20% is aimed at export. The export started 15 years ago and has ever since been expanding. Today IBEKA-PANTO has been active worldwide in cooperation with various public and private companies in over 35 countries. IBEKA-PANTO products are first of all exported to EU countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland) and then to East and Southeast Europe, Africa, South America.