Tenen Company was founded in 1995 as a limited liability company; the main activity involved the trade of agricultural products and animal feed components. As adequate market analysis provides the opportunity for new investments, in 2003, the company management decides to start the process of animal feed production, which has become primary company activity.

Over the period of time, the production reaches its full capacity utilisation, which further opens the door to new investments. Through the development of new production program and marketing campaign, new investments have provided the following: the increase in production storage capacities, technical and technological production improvement, improvement of production quality, penetration into new markets, promptness and efficiency in responding to market demands and improvement of working conditions.

With the existing new plant containing quality raw material, the company can offer to its customers 70.000 tons of quality feed compounds per year, at best prices.


Nothing stirs failure faster than success.

This is why we do not allow positive results to influence our flexibility; we strive to lead the company in the direction of meeting market demands and constant improvement of both production and professional staff.